When you purchase one of the yearly subscription plans, an account will be created for you. You can access your account by clicking on the “MY ACCOUNT” link under the Stock Gallery menu or just follow this link.

Once you are logged in you will gain access to downloading the photos for free. The process is slightly different for low and high resolution photos:

Low-res photos

The price of low-res photos will be changed to zero once you are logged in. Just add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout as per usual. There is no credit card required any more if you only added low-res photos to your cart.

High-res photos

If you have purchased one of the Silver, Gold or Platinum plans, you are eligible to download a certain amount of high-res photos for free (depending on your plan). When you purchased your subscription plan a coupon was automatically assigned to your account which allows you to download high-res photos for free (up to the value of the coupon).

To download high-res photos, add them to your cart as usually and apply the coupon during the checkout process. This will discount the final price to zero.

Please note that the price for the high-res photos will stay unchanged on the product page as opposed to the low-res photo option.

You can track the remaining value of your coupon by clicking on the Coupons tab on your account page or via the following link.